Are you ready to start creating the life of your dreams? Are you tired of feeling depressed and anxious over the future, afraid of being alone, and being disappointed that the dreams you had for yourself did not come true?

I get it. I’ve been there.

When I was in my teens, I imagined that I would meet the man of my dreams in my 20’s, have three children and live happily ever after.

I didn’t give much thought to anything beyond that. I didn’t think about things like, what did happily ever after look like? What did I want my relationship with my husband to look like?

I just figured it would all work out for me and I would be happy once this happened.

I probably wouldn’t be here telling you this story if my dream came true when I imagined it would. My life took a different path.

My mom died when I was 26 years old which sent me into a depression for many years. I desperately wanted to be married more than ever. I thought that would make me happy again and fill the hole in my heart that was made when my mom died.

So I dated and dated. And dated some more. I had some good relationships and some not so good relationships. After awhile, I realized that the men I was meeting were not at all aligned with what I really wanted, and dating felt incredibly unfulfilling.

I was beyond frustrated.

I took a step back and wondered what was going on. I took a break from dating and decided to really take advantage of being single and started to get really clear on what I wanted.

It wasn’t until I was pulled into the direction of being a holistic health coach, that I realized there were things I needed to work on for myself before I could be ready for the type of man that I want.

Here is what I discovered:

I was never going to attract the man of my dreams, while I was depressed and in an unhealthy state. I realized I had so much learning and growing to do on an emotional, spiritual and mental level.

Looking for a man to make me feel fulfilled was the fastest way to leading a miserable unfulfilled life.

Maybe not meeting the man of my dreams (just yet) was an invitation from the Universe to look deeper at my desires and to discover and embrace all that I was meant to do and experience in this lifetime.

I needed to change my diet because gluten was contributing to my depression and lack of motivation.

It was then, that the Universe started to respond and I was presented with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

My ongoing journey as a single woman has been life changing. My view of being single has totally changed. I gained confidence in myself as a single woman. I started to embrace the freedom that comes with stepping into my purpose and going after my dreams. I really learned to become my own best friend and my own best company.

When you start to heal old wounds, gain clarity and confidence in who you are, it is then that you are in alignment for attracting the man of your dreams when the time is right. And the best part is that you will not need that person in your life to feel fulfilled!

This is all possible for you too! Let me show you how! But before I do, I invite you to consider this: What if being single is the best thing that ever happened to you? Maybe not meeting the man of your dreams (just yet) is an invitation from the Universe to look deeper at your desires and to discover and embrace all that you are meant to do and experience in this lifetime.


Join me for my 3 month program

Creating the Life of Your Dreams - 3 month program


This program is for you if:

You are frustrated because your hopes of meeting the man of your dreams have not come true yet.

You are tired of attracting men that are emotionally unavailable.

You are constantly worrying about your life and the future.

You find yourself afraid to be alone.

You are constantly looking to outside sources to prove your self-worth.

You lack confidence in yourself and want to feel comfortable in your own skin.

You are ready and willing to discover what is keeping you stuck in making the changes you want in your life.

You are ready and willing to step out of your comfort zone to remove the blocks that are keeping you from living your best life.

You are ready and willing to make dietary changes that will leave you feeling energized and looking amazing.

You realize there is more to life than where you currently are but not sure what this looks like.


Creating the Life of Your Dreams - 3 Month Program Details


The program will be personalized to fit your specific health goals and needs. However, here is a breakdown example of what we would be covering as we work together.

Discover how certain foods can be affecting your mood and over all sense of well-being so you can make choices that will leave feeling energized, clear headed and motivated.
Learn how to eliminate cravings so you can feel good about your food choices and create peace around food .
Learn to love and accept your body so you gain confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Learn how to change your thoughts so you can stop the constant negativity and worry and start attracting positivity and creating happiness in your life.
Discover how fulfilling your purpose and indulging in your passions will increase your happiness.
Discover what your ideal life looks like so you can start creating it and making your dreams come true.
Learn how to be your own best friend so you are not afraid of being alone.
Discover how to be the very best version of yourself and get clear on what you really do desire out of a relationship so that when the timing is right, you can attract a man that is truly aligned with what you want.

Learn how meditation will allow you to sleep better, think clearer and leave with you with a sense of peace and happiness.
Discover how connecting with your higher power can provide guidance and healing.
Discover how you can co-create with the Universe (higher power) so can open yourself up to opportunities and possibilities to live the life you always wanted.
Achieve a sense of fulfillment and contentment with yourself so you don’t have to look to an outside source to find happiness.


Through our work together you should expect to achieve:

A release of any expectations of the life you imagined so you are free to discover an amazing life that is waiting for you.
Clarity around the life you want for yourself and the steps to take to get there.
Feeling confident in yourself and your ability to create your own happiness.
A connection with your higher power that will leave you feeling loved and supported in your journey toward your goals.
Reduced cravings so you can finally have a peaceful relationship around food.
More energy and motivation so you can actually start achieving the goals you set for yourself.
Love and acceptance of your body and self so can feel comfortable in your own skin.


Your coaching package includes:

  • 12, 50 minute health coaching sessions to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want. You will receive support, feedback and accountability.
  • A personalized plan to suit your goals. 
  • 90 days of personalized email support to get your questions answered in between sessions.
  • Support and connection of like-minded women in my private Facebook group.
  • My personal commitment to your health and success.  

Investment: We will go over the investment and payment options during your clarity call. There are payment plans available and I would happy to discuss those with you as well.