6 Week Self-Love Meditation Journey



Do you find meditation challenging? Do you find your mind wanders when you try to meditate then you get frustrated and give up? Do you have a constant tape of negative thoughts and worry running through your head daily?

You are not alone. A consistent meditation practice can help with all of these things.

I started a consistent meditation practice about 5 years ago when I knew I had to do something different as I was experiencing anxiety.

The endless thoughts of what was wrong, what I didn’t have, why was I still single, and worry and fear constantly swirled around my mind.

I knew I was meant for more in every area of my life but didn’t know what that was, so I stayed stuck spinning my wheels. I was constantly in my head keeping myself from accessing my intuition and what I truly wanted.

And it was keeping me from having the confidence and feeling the worthiness to go after it.

I always knew meditation was an essential practice to add into my life but I was super intimidated by it. Fearing I wasn’t doing it right or couldn’t “quiet my mind” enough to sit in silence and let it be effective.

But I soon realized that meditation is not just about “quieting the mind”.

Meditation asks you to show up for yourself and check in with your heart.

Meditation is an act of self-love because it asks you to listen to what you need in the moment.

Meditation asks that you connect with your heart because it never steers you wrong.

Meditation lowers reduces anxiety and negative emotions.

Meditation teaches us to use our breath to stay in the moment. When we do this, we are allowing life to flow through us to help us through any situation in any given moment

Meditation improves attention and mindfulness. (Did you ever drive somewhere and not remember the drive? This isn’t being mindful)

Meditation helps you to control your thoughts instead of them controlling you.

Meditation opens up the mind as when you meditate you create new pathways in the brain. This opens ups the ability to manifest and receive more abundance, love, money, relationships etc.

When we let go and breathe, we are inviting any Universal guidance that is waiting for us. When we constrict ourselves and try to control the situation by not breathing through it, we block ourselves from this help and support.

Meditation breaks through all of this. The more you practice meditation, the more you live in the flow. You may feel happier, more at peace, more connected to your heart. These are just a few of the things you may experience.

It is through mediation that we can access our own self love and bring awareness to parts of ourselves that have been ignored or shamed.

I quickly learned that meditation is also an act of self-love and the more we practice, the more in tune we are to what we need.

You learn what makes you happy and that happiness doesn’t come from outside sources.

So how do you create a self-love meditation practice that you enjoy and will allow you to experience more peace, less anxiety, more clarity in thinking and decision making?

I invite you to the 6 Week Self-Love Meditation Journey!
A journey of self-discovery and self-love! 
A journey in showing up for yourself through meditation and daily practices that support you in incorporating self-love as a way of life, not just when things aren’t going well.

This journey will transform your life and I will show you how to make this a fun and easy practice that you will look forward to.

In this journey you will learn  how to drop from your head into your heart where your intuition, happiness, bliss, abundance and your desires lie. It is when we access these things on a daily basis then we are truly living from our most authentic self and not from all that mind chatter that keeps us stuck and in fear.

Here is what is included:

  • (Self-Guided Option)- You will receive access to the whole course at once to listen at your own pace.
  • (Live Workshop Options Only)You will be placed in a private Facebook group with like mind women and asked to set intentions for your journey.
  • (Live Workshop Options Only) Every other week, I will host a live call and talk about a topic having to do with self-love followed by a live guided meditation that will support you in anchoring and embodying the principles of that topic.
  • (Live Workshop Options Only) Bonus calls included sporadically throughout the 6 weeks.
  • (Live Workshop Options Only) You will also receive a daily recorded audio in your email for the 6 weeks (42 recordings in total.) Each audio will consist of a short bite sized (5 minutes or less) self-love practice, a guided meditation, a journal prompt or a mantra. All designed to support you in creating a meditation and self love practice that is easy to follow. All you need to do is press play, listen and stay committed.
  • You will collect tools and practices for your self-love and meditation tool box to use beyond the 6 weeks.


This is an great opportunity to create that consistent self-love meditation practice that will continuously leaving you feeling uplifted and clear from all the things that are holding you back.


 Select Your Favorite Option

6 Week Self-Love Mediation Journey (Self-Guided) $27

6 Week Self-Love Meditation Journey (with 3 live workshops) $77

6 Week Self-Love Meditation Journey (with 3 live workshops+ a 1:1 Session) $247



Questions? Send me an email at Jennifer@JenniferAmabile.com. I look forward to seeing you!