Hello! I am sitting here on this snowy, icy, Monday about to tell you how much I like mint in my smoothies. I know it’s probably not a topic that elicit warm thoughts but who cares. If you haven’t tried mint in your smoothies yet, do it!  I’ve had this smoothie or some variation of it just about everyday over the past week. It’s addicting. This is one thing that is making me happy this week.


Mint pineapple smoothie

Mint pineapple smoothie

Mint Pineapple Smoothie

1/4 of a pineapple (about 4-5 chunks)
1 apple (I used pink lady)
2-3 oranges
handful of basil
handful of mint
handful of spinach
about 1/2 cup or so of coconut water or regular water to get things going

Put all ingredients in a blender. There’s something about the pineapple and apple combo that makes this very creamy and the mint adds a refreshing flavor. Enjoy!

Other variations: add 1/4 of a peeled cucumber, some lemons and limes.

Does anyone remember this?


14,000 things things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipfer! I bought this book I don’t know how many years ago and I would just sit and browse through it. Written in list form, this book represents 20 years worth of things that made the author happy. She started the list in a spiral notebook and eventually it became a book. One of the reasons I like the book is because some of things don’t immediately elicit feelings of happiness until you think about it and you say, oh yeahhhh! hee hee. So cool.

Here are some of ones that I like:

“just happening upon a parking spot in the right place”

“the night smell, feel and wonder of October”

“the gentle sounds of a summer Sunday”


“turning off all the lights except those on the Christmas tree”

I love the last paragraph of the forward:

“As you read through these pages, give yourself time to conjure up your own images-to reminisce, wish, and dream. I hope you will find, as I did, that happiness comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life.”

That’s what it’s all about. Happy Monday!