Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas week. I spent the last several days with friends and family doing a lot of celebrating. Although this time of year can be hectic, I also love it because I think I spend extra time with people I love and also see family that I don’t see too often. I also have some yummy recipes to share  from the past few days but in due time. Here are this week’s tips to keep the happiness flowing:

1. Find an exercise you love: I’ve been all about the yoga lately. I joined Yoga Montclair about a month ago and took advantage of their new student offer. You pay $54 and get access to unlimited classes. I’m on a mission now to learn how to do a handstand. Anyway, I love yoga because I can go into the class in a not-so-great mood and I come out of the class more at peace and a sense of calm. It’s magic!!! If yoga is not your thing, then explore different forms of exercise that align with what works for you. Exercise doesn’t have to be yucky. It should be enjoyable.

2. Surround yourself with people you love: This may or may not include family! (Snicker). I was lucky enough to spend some time with good friends and my awesome extended family the past few days. Yesterday I met 2 of my close friends out for happy hour and we just laughed the whole time and I left the place feeling much better than when I walked in.

3. Start your day off with good, health food: I was starving after yoga this morning. It was an hour and a half class! I felt like having a fresh juice or a smoothie so I went to Asana House ordered the Coconut Smoothie. This smoothie had mango, banana, pineapple, mint, lime, ginger and coconut. It was so good and hit the spot. I don’t have a picture because I sucked it down before I was able to snap one. Sorry! I also ordered an omelette which was amazing. It had onions, peppers, cheese, avocado and spinach with some hot sauce.

This I was able to resist long enough to snap a photo:




Yum! Now I’m off to spend more time with friends. I’m going to my friend’s house to make smoothies with her 3 kids. Have a wonderful Monday!




Question of the day: What will you today to keep or start the happiness flowing?