Hello! I hope you are ready do some celebrating this week. I can’t believe Christmas is Thursday! I wanted to keep the theme of my Monday posts but decided to dedicate it to one thing that will contribute to your happiness. Just a little food for thought. Last week, I had to step outside my comfort zone for a little bit. It was oddly liberating and uncomfortable all at the same time. As a side note, as I’m nearing the end of my health coaching program, I’m finding that I’m forcing myself to step outside my comfort zone more and more. Why? Why would I choose to feel uncomfortable when I can stay inside the little cocoon that I have built around myself where it is safe and warm? I’m learning it’s because that is the only way you are going to grow as a person and to be able to experience all of the wonderful things you were meant to on this earth. I believe we are all put here for a purpose and it’s up to us to figure out what that purpose is and fulfill it to the fullest extent. I believe in discovering this purpose, we are also challenged in a way that may make us feel a little, okay a lot uncomfortable, causing us to stay stuck and perhaps not follow the path that we were meant to follow. For instance, for me, starting this blog was stepping way out of my comfort zone and I hemmed and hawed over it and thought it to death for months before actually doing it. Creating this blog was something that I felt compelled to do. Ideas for the blog kept popping into my head and every time I would make a new recipe, I felt I wanted to share it. Those little whispers that we all receive that say, write that book or  start that business or those ideas that pop into our head that give us butterflies, are all things that are part of our purpose. It’s a part of living our truth and it’s our job to make sure we see it through.

Living your truth also means being completely honest with yourself and being transparent with the people in your lives. Now we all have things that we would never reveal to the people in our lives and that’s okay.  Not everybody has to be an open book. I’m talking about something that is a part of who you are and by not sharing that piece of you, it somehow makes you feel unsettled or left with a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach. It could be a talent that you have but you don’t have the courage to share with the world or that new project that you have been meaning to start. For me it was feelings that I have for a very good friend of mine. I never wanted to share those feelings with him in fear of ruining the friendship or “making things awkward”. You know the corny saying, “the truth will set you free”. Well I never realized how true that was until I came to the realization that I needed to share these feelings with him if for no other reason than to reveal my truth and to be completely honest and open in our friendship. I haven’t told him yet but I shared my feelings for him with his 2 sisters and although it was extremely uncomfortable for me and a little embarrassing, I felt amazing after we talked. Stay tuned for more on when I talk to him.

Living your truth can take many forms and your expression of your truth may look different from what I described here. The point is to stop hiding the essence of what makes you, you from the world . What you have to offer may affect others in ways you can’t imagine. Thoughts?

Whew that was some heavy stuff. So to switch gears, I am going to share a recipe for a smoothie I threw together one morning last week. It’s so weird how a random combination of ingredients can turn out tasting so good. Here is how it turned out. Orange!!


Pear Ginger Smoothie
2 ripe pears
1 apple
1 carrot
3-4 oranges
1 inch piece of peeled fresh ginger root
a little water or coconut water to get everything moving.

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. I love the orange color! Enjoy!

Question of the day: What is one truth about yourself that you are willing to reveal?